Creative by nature

With creative alchemy and high technology, Robertet explores unique olfactory terrains and develops high quality fragrances. Our teams combine to meet the demands of perfumers, researchers, evaluators, and application and marketing specialists. We also ensure close contact with our customers, permitting a direct dialogue with our perfumers. A multi-dimensional company, Robertet excels in solutions based on the unrivaled talent of our perfumers, as well as in large-scale industrial projects. Our signature attracts the largest name brands.


With about 40 perfumers and 3 junior perfumers, Robertet boasts a varied, abundant and unique team of “noses”. In order to enrich and pass on their talents, Robertet has its own perfumery school, with a two-year program, training the perfumers who will be assigned to the Group’s international creative centers.


Fine Fragrance

The evolution and the emergence of new product applications and trends continually challenge our creators! Inspired by the incredible richness of nature, the perfumers of the Robertet Group invent refined compositions which attract the largest brand names and usher large-scale projects. Their expertise and diligence guarantees formulations that are perfectly tuned to the world of brand names and to different markets.


The complex specifications of beauty products challenge the inventiveness of our perfumers. They must, all at the same time, be familiar with legislation, predict consumer expectations, and create quality products that are stable and that suggest hidden emotions.
They develop unique scents by combining complexity and clarity. Their formulations are reliable and long-lasting answers given to cosmetic, soap and shampoo customers.


To give any household a sense of olfactory excellence, our dedicated teams bring together perfumers, technical experts and application specialists. Their perfect mastery of the functional capacities of the fragrance, responds to the most demanding challenges. Their solutions are selected and validated by comprehensive tests.



For over 20 years Robertet has researched the use and interaction of raw materials in fragrances to neutralize unpleasant odors. Approved by our customers in fragrance, cosmetics, and detergents and other industrial applications, this expertise also allows us to optimize the performance and staying power of our creations.


For more than 15 years, the Robertet Group has been working on the dual functions of fragrance and the physiological properties of the natural raw materials present in the perfumer’s palette. We formulate Actiscents®, fragrances with active ingredients that have soothing, anti-aging, moisturizing, purifying, and slimming properties.