Designers of taste


No less than 25 flavorists bring together their palates and their passions for an astonishing ability to compose and surprise. Creating, formulating, stimulating and anticipating emotions for the food markets are the missions of our creators.

Expertise in Flavors

The mission of our flavorists is born from an insatiable appetite to explore and surprise. Their passion leads them to awaken an immediate memory of flavors and conjure up cravings!  Creators of unexpected combinations and original mixtures, they work with our experts in evaluation, application and marketing.  For authentic notes or new references, their high-quality gustatory signatures attract the biggest names in gastronomy and international food industry players.

Robertet flavorists have an extensive knowledge of the cultures of taste specific to each continent. They test the appropriateness and adequacy of their creations for the requirements of the client with tailor made sensory panels. Our laboratories, set apart sector by sector–beverages, dairy, sweets, culinary, pharmaceuticals,– guarantee the performance of applications. All safety, regulatory, time and cost parameters are integrated into the process. The Robertet creative team works in tandem with the creative teams of the brand names and delivers what they promise.


The needs of the consumer shift and change in the search for health and balanced nutrition. The requirements of manufacturers also bring the originality of the taste experience into question. Natural ingredients are often at the crossroads of these challenges. Robertet draws on its unparalleled expertise and natural resources. Our original creations bring new flavors and flavor accords by anticipating food trends.

Innovation requires ever closer collaboration with pioneering agricultural stakeholders who share our values. For example, we have developed a major partnership with Indulleida, a fruit cooperative with 14,000 farmers. Their fruit expertise and our technical know-how are combined. Our unique ability to extract and isolate products and to make good use of by-products, is constantly growing. Together we develop aromatic processes that are always more interesting.