The Robertet Group


Robertet integrates all the stages of the creative process: sowing, harvesting, transforming, extracting, refining, and revealing. A natural partner of fragrances, flavors, healthcare and beauty products, the world leader in sustainable natural raw materials, Robertet presents exceptional creativity to brand names around the world, with the strength of an independent industrial group.

An enduring family-run independence

With undiminished passion, the fourth and fifth generations steer an independent family-run business. Listed on the stock market since 1984, Robertet is a solid partner with close ties to international players in all aspects of the trade.

An intimate knowledge of all-natural production

In 200 years of working with natural raw materials, the Group has acquired a unique capacity to listen to and respect nature, with a holistic approach from start to finish in the creation of fragrances and flavors.

The comprehensive mastery of expertise

In tireless search for progress, we integrate and develop skills and craftsmanship in farming, sourcing, extraction, transformation and creation. We ensure ongoing transmission of our competence from generation to generation, through mentoring new talent to our company.

Authenticity Exploring the Natural World

All over the planet, our 14 centers of research and creation continue to “crack the shell” of nature’s secrets, to offer original solutions and partnerships and to pioneer new resources.

Full traceability of production

Involved at every stage, we guarantee a total transparency from the seed to the fragrance. As we source throughout the world, our production line is ever more environmentally concerned and friendly.