The Robertet Group


When Michel Meneuvrier creates the Société Anonyme des Plantes Aromatiques du Diois (SAPAD), the company is entirely dedicated to agricultural development. The market of organic products is confronted with a structural imbalance between growing consumer demand and the challenge to cultivate the supply needed to meet the offers.

Born from by its strong commitment to organic farming, in the first years of the new century, SAPAD becomes the world leader in organic essential oils. SAPAD strengthens its relationship of solidarity with producers of aromatic plants and distilleries. By developing species diversification programs, SAPAD provides versatility and expertise, and combats rural desertification. This is a step forward for the company’s partners and the world of agriculture.

When Sapad joins the Robertet Group in 2007, it opens access to sources ever more respectful of the earth and people, without pesticides or chemicals, which is part of the Group’s stated vision. SAPAD becomes our standard bearer for organic products. In direct relations with the Robertet Group’s raw materials division, SAPAD is pursuing a program of research and innovation that will optimize our ability to respond and allow us to anticipate the needs of our customers.