The Robertet Group


Natural raw material being our raison d’être; therefore protecting the environment is our second nature. In keeping with our policy of unconditional attention to humanity, we support economic and social development of communities at the local level and in our own industry.

CSR Report

Our CSR approach, formalized in 2008 by the creation of a multidisciplinary CSR committee and comprised of all the strategic services, is now followed by an annual report. This CSR report responds, on the one hand, to the obligations of Article 225 of the Grenelle 2 law requiring companies listed on the stock exchange to publish social, environmental and societal information in their management report, and on the other hand, it also aims to present the Group’s CSR approach.

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Our Responsible Purchasing Policy

This Responsible Purchasing Policy describes the principles and standards we expect from all our suppliers and their stakeholders. We aim to work only with suppliers who adhere to these standards, and we require all of them to commit to them. This is why the Robertet Group favors long-term relationships with suppliers who share our values.

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Robertet pays special attention to the farming populations. Our partnerships protect natural resources and improve crop conditions, with traceability from planting to harvesting. The sourcing of ylang-ylang illustrates this approach. Thanks to a joint venture with a Malagasy family, Robertet contributes to the balance of production of this oil. We subsidize the planting of trees for sustainable cultivation. In New Caledonia, we use an innovative extraction process that requires little or no refrigerated water.

The transformation leaves an environmental footprint. Robertet, with the use of technologies developed by its R & D teams, provides technical support to local processors from the outset. In Nosy Be, for example, state-of-the-art equipment reduces environmental impact and optimizes distillation and resources. In Grasse, the production units are also moving towards more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and are making progress in reducing CO 2 emissions.

Purified and enhanced in different creative sites, all these raw materials also reveal the talent of our perfumers and flavorists! People are our first resource. Respect for the human element and the development of people’s best interests will always take precedence over other challenges.

In keeping with these corporate commitments, we evaluate the environmental, social and societal practices of our suppliers of natural raw materials. If, for Robertet, protecting humanity and the environment is a way of life, we do our best to share it with all of our partners.

CSR policy at Robertet

To govern the company in accordance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility according to the following commitments:
– Maintain the perpetuity of the group and preserve jobs in the Grasse valley
– Develop and market products that comply with the stated principles
– Preserve our resources: water, energy, raw materials
– Reduce waste: waste, packaging, expendables
– Promote and contribute to local communities/community life