The Robertet Group



In 200 years, the oldest perfume company, still active today, has written an epic story dedicated to the inspiration of Nature! Revolutionizing the techniques of distillation and extraction, our industrial adventure is still faithful to the floral savoir-faire of the valley of Grasse. It has secured an international expansion enhancing the value its three lines : Fragrances, Flavors and Ingredients. At the dawn of the 21st century, refocused on its specialty – all natural ingredients–, Charabot joined the Robertet group in 2007 in a perfect synergy. Charabot’s commercial targeting, centered on medium-sized companies, with a strong presence in Asia and the Middle East, broadens the scope of the Group’s activities. It strengthens the Group’s agricultural development of natural products and its consolidation in Grasse. The multifunctional production unit at Charabot has enabled the Group to develop specialties for the food and perfume industries, both natural and synthetic. Industrial synergies gave birth to the mixing plant at Le Plan de Grasse, a technological flagship and a tool for the future.



In 1817 the company takes the name of Hugues Ainé. They develop the first distillation by direct steam injection and mark a major technological break-through in the profession.


Eugène Charabot

After several decades under the direction of family heirs, the company is taken over by three partners, among them Eugène Charabot. A chemist, industrialist and politician, he gives his name to the company in 1919. This company would undertake a bold industrialization. Retaining its partnerships with small local producers of aromatic plants, Charabot reaffirms its dedication to the production of natural raw materials.


Barthélemy Sansoldi

Barthélemy Sansoldi acquires the company and brings a dynamic that will promote the development of Charabot. With its expertise in natural raw materials, it pursues an ambitious policy of technical innovations and expansion. Charabot promotes its three lines of perfume, flavors and ingredients internationally with great success.


Groupe Robertet

Charabot joins the Robertet Group. The companies’ strengths complement each other synergistically, enabling the teams to evolve towards ever greater excellence. Charabot thus continues its undertakings with new prospects for the future.