Robertet received the Geographical Indication “Absolue Pays de Grasse”

21 June 2021

The ceremony of homologation of the Indication Géographique Absolue Pays de Grasse took place on June 18 at the Musée International de la Parfumerie. And we are proud to be part of this project that highlights centuries of impassioned work.

This certification aims to protect and recognize the exceptional work of producers and manufacturers who use fragrant flowers in Grasse.

This label recognizes the unique quality of Grasse’s absolutes, which are the result of two emblematic skills of the region, that of the producers of fragrant flowers and the industrial manufacturers. The Geographical Indication “Absolue Pays de Grasse” is the illustration of an exceptional French know-how in the world of perfumery as well as historical manufacturing processes, in particular the technique of enfleurage and the transformation of extracts into absolute. There are a total of 28 plants from the Grasse region covered by this label.