Robertet cares…

14 April 2020

The Robertet Group has implemented strong measures since the spread of Covid-19 to guarantee the health and the best working conditions of its employees. We have decided to temporarily close certain departments in order to focus on the continuity of our operations. In a responsible solidarity approach, the Robertet Group renounces to use of partial unemployment and decided to maintain the full wages of its employees. The extent of this health and economic crisis remains unknown and we are convinced that the French Government will have other priorities in rescuing other businesses in financial trouble.

In order to support of the fight against Covid-19, the Robertet Group has decided to donate disposable gloves and gowns, and to produce large quantities of hydro alcoholic solution (hand sanitizer) to be donated mainly to local health institutions. The Robertet Group would like to express its deepest support to healthcare staff and to all those who expose themselves to the virus in order to take care of currently hospitalized people.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.