FlavourTalk Amsterdam, March 11, 2020

11 March 2020

During Flavourtalk Raw Materials Exhibition in Amsterdam, Robertet showcased 5 concepts with benefits of taste, active ingredients and clean labelling such as a Purifying blossom water mixing the elegance of ylang flowers with ginger freshness, a Tonic sparkling water crafted from gentian root and orange peel infusions, with an oak barrel character, an Elixir combining the bengal pepper burning effect and the frankincense softness. Two “all integrated” solutions were offered with a relaxing Tisane using the active lemonbalm ingredients enhanced by a hint of orange blossom water and a Gumminity concept, a lavender gummy, giving a fun and delicious way to boost immunity and to support a relaxed mood !
Robertet was proud to share its expertise in Raw Materials and THE BOTANIST experience.