Financial information

Interview with Philippe Maubert

2021, a year of transformation and adaptatbility

Robertet continues to post satisfactory results, with revenues of 538 million euros, down slightly by 2.9%, and net income of 50.5 million euros, notwithstanding the difficult situation in 2020.The drop in activity and results is largely offset by an increase in EBITDA to over €96 million, and a significant increase in the Group’s net cash position to €64 million. The year 2020 has been marked by solidarity, placing community and the preservation of jobs at the center of our concerns. Robertet will be able to get through this difficult period by ensuring the Group’s growth and continuity.  2021 promises to be a year of transformation and adaptability, and the Robertet Group, with its financial solidity and relevant management policy, will be able to weather this crisis and ensure a prosperous future.

Our strategy for 2025 is to maintain significant growth in our field of expertise despite a difficult international environment. The Group’s strategy directed towards natural products is more relevant than ever. Combined with the expansion of the Health & Beauty division, our aim is to meet the growing demand of our customers in the fields of nutrition, beauty and health. This strategy allows us to reaffirm our position as the undisputed leader in natural products and our unique capacity to integrate and control the entire production chain. For smooth operations of the Group, we will continue to make necessary investments in Grasse and around the world so as to strengthen our holdings and contribute to the Group’s growth. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Robertet will continue to enhance and consolidate our position in the field of natural products as a result of our holistic approach and undeniable expertise.

For nearly 170 years, Robertet has developed a real expertise in natural products. This is our DNA and it sets us apart in our profession. Since the end of 2018, the know-how born in Grasse has been recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Naturalness is a consumer’s great expectation, whether it concerns well-being, beauty or health products. And Robertet fulfills its customers’ expectations with even more passion and innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and quality products.