Financial information

Interview with Philippe Maubert

2021, an outstanding year

2021 was an outstanding year, despite a challenging global climate due to the pandemic. The Robertet Group has resumed its
growth with a turnover of 606 million euros, an increase of 12.6% (14.8% at constant exchange rates). This performance is well above expectations, with profits up 41% to 71.7 million euros. This increase is the result of the Group’s continued strategy, always oriented toward natural products. Although 2022 looks set to be an uncertain year due to the international climate and rising costs of raw material, the Robertet Group will continue to invest in its areas of expertise to ensure long-term sustainable growth.

New governance, new perspectives

The year 2022 will also be marked by a change in governance for the Robertet Group, separating the positions of Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer. The Chairman of the Board of Directors will ensure the continuity of the company’s strategy and values, to maintain
its independence, and support the new CEO, Jérôme Bruhat.

From a stellar international background of over 30 years in a major industrial beauty group, he comes to Robertet with a three-part goal. His objective is to consolidate the fundamental values at Robertet, while continuing to grow the company, and modernizing its operations.
Sustainability, international growth, innovation, and external development are the organizing principles by which he will navigate forward.

Natural innovation

Since its creation, the Robertet Group has never ceased to innovate, exploring the benefits of the living world, thus offering its customers natural ingredients that are ever more respectful of the environment. Since 1850, we have dedicated ourselves to the life cycle of natural raw materials. Our commitment to a personal presence at the source allows us to control the entire supply chain of natural
products, from their cultivation to their transformation. Our innovative strategy revolves around the development of certified organic products, the creation of “cleaner” products based on green chemistry, and the added-value of our residual materials. Robertet offers a range of aromatic ingredients made from our residual by-products and those of other industries, embracing a genuine opportunity for eco-responsible formulations. Finally, we propose a range of active ingredients offering original natural solutions for beauty and health, to be used in cosmetics, functional foods, and food supplements.