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In 2014, the Robertet Group decided to extend its already historic expertise in the field of natural ingredients by going beyond the olfactory and gustatory properties of natural raw materials. The venture is based on the nutricosmetic developments of Hitex for the Beauty division, and developments of Bionov for the Healthcare division, both now part of the Group. The new Health & Beauty division explores the health and beauty benefits of natural ingredients.

We bring our competence in the area of sustainable sourcing, identification and extraction of plants in order to offer groundbreaking, safe and efficient active ingredients to our customers all over the world. Objective testing, from the in-vitro tests on the cell to clinical studies on humans, is carried out by a dedicated scientific team. Our developments meet the needs of two fast-growing markets: food supplements and functional foods, and cosmetics.

Our Healthcare Active Ingredients


Superoxide Dismutase (SOD B®) is one of the most potent antioxidants among the solutions that currently exist. It is extracted from a unique variety of melon and is encapsulated to better protect and release it.
Bionov, now part of the Robertet group, is the only producer in the world. Numerous clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of SOD B ® incorporated in 4 products:

  • Extramel®: improved general well-being, reduced stress, improved quality of sleep
  • Dimpless®: reduction of cellulite.
  • Holimel®: In & Out protection of the skin against UV.
  • Melorun®: Sports Nutrition: Train better, recover faster.

This clinically validated active ingredient is complemented by a growing range of other natural ingredients whose traditional use in health and well-being is already well-known.

Our Beauty Active Ingredients

Lipowheat ™

A pioneer of ingredients rich in phytoceramides, Lipowheat is a unique natural active ingredient intended for food supplements for the beauty of the skin. Five clinical studies demonstrate its moisturizing activity and its anti-aging action. Lipowheat moisturizes, reduces wrinkles and evens the complexion: everything for perfect skin!

Our Beauty Active Ingredients

Keranat ™

Patented natural active ingredient, source of vectorized miliacin, Keranat has been developed for food supplements for the hair. Keranat is an innovative and natural solution to effectively fight against hair loss and to restore its beauty and radiance.
Other active ingredients, such as Casta’Néa®, Bô Kêt®, Real’Eyes® and X10Lash®, from the Robertet Group’s natural raw materials, are offered to cosmetics manufacturers continually in search for natural active ingredients with proven effectiveness.
Our mission is to have a holistic approach to natural ingredients in order to offer optimal solutions for beauty and well-being. This diversification is an important part of the Group’s strategy.

Your trusted partner

Hemp extracts & CBD solutions

Leading company in the natural ingredients market, Robertet has a vertically integrated strategy on hemp derived cannabinoids with a strategic partnership with Klersun in the US but also in Greece, Switzerland and France to secure specific hemp strains. Robertet combines safety, sustainability, phytoscience and best in class quality hemp extracts within the requirements of the market.

Robertet hemp extracts charter here

Our CBD ingredients offer for the food & beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic markets includes :

  • Natural CBD isolate:
    • contains high purity CBD > 98% with non detectable THC
    • white cristalized powder, easy to use
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (BSHE):
    • obtained by a clean proprietary production method which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids (CBG, CBN,…) and terpenes for optimal results.
    • organic certified