Robertet and Astier Demarest

6 August 2021

Robertet is pleased to announce the acquisition of a majority stake of Astier Demarest. Astier Demarest is a family business founded in 1880 in Grasse specialized in the sourcing and distribution of raw materials for perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and food flavouring sectors.

This investment reaffirms the Group’s determination to remain the world leader in aromatic ingredients and strengthens our competitive edge in sustainable sourcing of Natural products with a reinforced presence at the source on strategic products for our industry.

François and Bruno Destoumieux will remain as leaders of the company with the support of the Group to develop sustainably sourced ingredients and enlarge their distribution with Robertet’s range of natural and organic products.


“We are proud to welcome Astier Demarest into the Robertet family and we look forward to combining the strengths of both organizations to better fit the growing needs of traceability and transparence. This acquisition will help consolidate our leadership in Natural ingredients and develop ambitious projects for the future.”

Julien Maubert,

Director Raw Materials Division, Robertet


“Astier Demarest is excited to begin the next chapter of its history as a part of Robertet Group. The complementary nature of this combination is evident in the family-owned and operated nature of our companies but also in our shared vision of a strongly integrated and sustainable sour- cing of natural ingredients.”

François Destoumieux,

President, Astier Demarest


About Astier Demarest :

Astier Demarest was established in 1880 in Grasse and expanded over the in the sourcing and distribution of raw materials for the sectors of perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy and food flavouring. Astier Demarest developed a historical network of suppliers and partners to assure a high level of quality and traceability at every step of the supply chain.

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