The Robertet Group


In 1989, some French melon producers were surprised by the discovery of a new variety of Cantaloupe melon (Cucumis melo L.) with an extended life compared to more traditional varieties. Several years of research on this variety have provided evidence of its exceptional concentration of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a potent antioxidant enzyme.

Bionov was born in 1999 with the objective of producing a 100% natural melon SOD. After years of mechanical and analytical research, Bionov has developed an eco-extraction process, patented worldwide, to obtain the natural melon concentrate richest in SOD. The same concentrate then demonstrated numerous benefits for human health in several clinical studies. Extramel® contributes to general well-being, promotes stress reduction and improves sleep quality while Dimpless® reduces cellulite.

Integrating Bionov allows Robertet to offer a new natural ingredient in the food supplement market and more generally in the field of nutrition and health, an area in which Robertet wishes to develop significantly. This acquisition fits perfectly with the group’s strategy of mastering all the processes of its products, from the cultivation of raw materials to the extraction and marketing of innovative ingredients.