Robertet has been ranked in the top 50 most responsible companies by Le Point!

17 November 2022

In partnership with the Statista institute, Le Point has ranked French companies, across all sectors of activity, according to the three pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: the environment, social issues and governance.

The group is in 49th place, with a score of 75.1 for the environment criterion, 73 for the social criterion and 84.3 for the governance criterion. Robertet is also ranked 2nd in the Beauty and Hygiene Products sector.

For 172 years, Robertet has naturally been committed to CSR, as the preservation of the soil and the environment is essential for the production of natural ingredients, which are certified by independent bodies, making our supply chains responsible and sustainable. We build strong partnerships with our suppliers, in order to purchase the best ingredients on the market and guarantee a stable income to our partners.

Discover the complete ranking in the full article.

Jérôme Bruhat, the Robertet Group’s CEO, attended the event and gave an interview to Le Point.