Nature, the source of raw materials

Cultivating "the real thing", getting the best from a flower, capturing the subtlety of a plant: these things don't come easily.

More than a century and a half after its creation, Robertet Group's top position in the world of perfumery and flavourings is stronger than ever. It is also the global leader in the production of natural raw materials for both sectors. This success is essentially founded on the combination of three components: nature, humans and innovation. Key values that make Robertet a unique partner.

Robertet maintains close ties with Nature, approaching it with respect and passion and drawing from it the quintessence. "We have made the choice of 'real products', without any artificial ingredients".

Strengthened by the recent acquisitions of Charabot and Plantes Aromatiques du Diois SA, two leading companies in natural ingredients, this special relationship is reflected in practice by a high-performance sourcing policy and increasing involvement in the production of organic essential oils. At a time of increasing demand from consumers for more natural products, these methods guarantee genuine added value for the entire Robertet Group and its customers.

Like a precious stone, a plant raw material needs help from humans to fully express all of its potential and all of its magic. Robertet has developed successfully by favouring a very human approach to its businesses. Behind the multinational company listed on the stock market for the past 30 years, behind the company renowned for its high technology remains the spirit of the craftsman of yesteryear, a passion for making things, making them well and making them better!

Robertet undoubtedly owes this unique identity to its family-based beginnings: The Maubert family. They are the guarantors of a family-run company culture founded on passing down know-how, renewing talent, involving staff, respecting suppliers and listening to customers. Invaluable strengths in a field where inspiration and emotion can still determine success.

Long-term success does not mean avoiding change. On the contrary, it is necessary! Since 1850, the Robertet values have never wavered, but its business has never ceased to evolve. By dedicating a significant portion of its revenue to research and development, the company has successfully modernised its production systems and extraction processes to improve its products and expand its offer. Strength of innovation that promotes creation.

Innovation, the fruit of over 160 year's experrience

Fragrance and flavour designers and researchers work together to create the products of the future encapsulating both nature and the latest trends.

The world is changing. Consumers' tastes constantly evolve. As do their demands. Fashions fade, some fashions come back. Globalisation has opened up new markets where cultural customs, norms and local laws require a few "adjustments". Competition calls for an endless quest for quality and newness that foster more well-being, more pleasure, more emotion.

In answer to these changes, to anticipate them, sometimes even to provoke them, Robertet has long led an ambitious programme towards advancement. It combines continuous improvement, marketing and regulatory watch, the modernisation of production facilities and research.

Quality management

Every effort is made to ensure customers flawless quality. As a result, our company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1995 for its Flavourings and Perfumery businesses and certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) since 2006. This globally recognised standard guarantees the food safety of products delivered. In addition to the credibility they give us, these management systems enable us to measure our performance level and take the action necessary to reach ever higher.

Listening to the market

An active member of the main international regulatory bodies for Perfumery and Flavourings, Robertet Group is on the forefront of developments in legislation that applies to its businesses. It can therefore precisely adapt its methods and products to the latest recommendations, standards and laws in effect on the main global markets.

Although legislators are setting increasingly stringent standards on the perfume and flavourings market, consumers continue to wield the most influence. As a result, Robertet's marketing teams are able to anticipate consumer expectations. This is reflected in annual pro-active offers that allow Robertet and its customers to share the same opportunities.

Cutting-edge industrial systems

A design site on 5th Avenue in New York, a plant in China, another in India: for the past several years, Robertet Group has boosted investments to provide its teams with infrastructures that match their expertise and ambitions. The culmination of this development policy: the opening of an all-new 12,000 m² production unit in Grasse in 2011. Entirely automated with an annual production capacity of 4,000 to 6,000 tonnes of perfume, this state-of-the-art plant gives Robertet Group and its customers unprecedented responsiveness and flexibility.

Ongoing innovation

For Robertet, research is fundamental! Through its R&D department, the Group earmarks extensive human and material resources for innovation. Innovating means discovering... Discovering new products and fully harnessing their potential. Finding new properties and applications in the most traditional extracts. Inventing perfumes and flavourings in line with "current tastes" without ever betraying their natural characteristics. Exploring new territories, at the crossroads of pleasure and health, seduction and well-being.

Innovating also means improving. Improving manufacturing processes to offer personalised solutions adapted to each customer. Optimising our products to provide their users with maximal quality and impact. Revisiting all of our product lines to align them with current legislation and the sensory references of consumers.

Emotion, for pure sensations

Our perfumes and flavours are brimming with morning dew, with sunsets, with time ticking by, with humanity.

Age-old expertise, years of research and investment, months of waiting for a flower or plant to bloom – all for what? For an instant of emotion brought forth by a sillage, a sip, a taste. A moment of awakening that speaks to the senses. A flash of awareness that draws from the memory all the good and simple things in life that lie within. A precious time, in any case, that fully justifies the work and passion of the fragrance and flavouring experts at Robertet.

An emotion and more still: Robertet's teams aspire to genuine emotion. An emotion that we extract at its source: the earth. We shall not settle for just any natural ingredients. We only use the best. From selecting essences to searching for soil and climates that will favour their development, along with choosing farming techniques that respect both the product and its environment, every effort is made to enable Nature to fully express its potential.

The earth has done its part of the work. Now ours shall begin: capturing the flavours and perfumes, optimising them without ever distorting their nature, bringing them intact to their users, sometimes combining them to initiate new sensations. All this energy is deployed to eventually light a spark and bring to life the flame: genuine emotion, intense pleasure, well-being! It is a craft, if not an art. It is what Robertet has been doing since 1850.