Our philosophy

Robertet's philosophy focuses on people. Motivation, respect for employees and company spirit are the pillars of its management approach.
As a result, our teams are flexible and we can offer tailor-made services that are efficient, exhaustive and exemplary.

Robertet's sole objective is to provide fast solutions to precise industrial challenges, coloured by the constraints of the current market and a long-term view of the food industry's future.
Our markets are the beverage, dairy, sweet (confectionery, bakery, etc), pharmacy and culinary markets.

3 centres of excellence
A player on the international stage, with global strategic coordination, Robertet draws on 3 centres of excellence:
France - Grasse : centre of excellence for natural ingredients, the dairy market and confectionery
USA – Piscataway : centre of excellence in the fields of beverages and fundamental R&D
Belgium – Schoten : centre of excellence in the dynamic universe of culinary flavours.

A €120m investment programme in 2007

Also in 2007, as part of its unique international development strategy, Robertet inaugurated a new blending centre in New Jersey, USA, specifically dedicated to producing flavours for beverages. To cater for our growth in China, a new factory is currently being constructed in the suburbs of Beijing.

The natural is in Robertet's genes, and has been since the company was founded. Consumers want more and more of it. The intensification of this tendency led Robertet to diversify its natural offering through a partnership sealed with a company specialising in extracting and marketing raw materials from biological agriculture.

Robertet culinary

Based in Schoten, Belgium, Robertet's production site for culinary flavours manufactures HVPs - powdered and liquid flavours for culinary applications. Targeted fields of application are soups and stocks, sauces and condiments, ready-to-serve meals, culinary seasoning, meat seasoning, etc.

Our Hebor range of natural flavours provides our clients with solutions for preserving the food they produce, and taste stability.